Nobutomo Matsunaga

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Electrical wheelchair has been used as a convenient transport device for elderly and handicapped persons. Recently, front drive type electric wheelchair has been focused on, with which handicapped person get on it from a bed easily. However, the front drive type wheelchair is difficult to run straight not only on slope but also on flat floor because of its(More)
This paper proposes the design method of the dynamic quantizer for the networked control systems. It is well known that the dynamic quantizers, which consist of filter and static quantizer, are effective for compressing the data with small quantization error of control. Many methods for designing the dynamic quantizers have been proposed from the(More)
As one of the leading method of electric wheelchairs, platoon driving using Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) has been proposed to keep constant time-headway. The platoon driving system has been widely used assuming straight roads that has good visibility, but has not been used in narrow corridor. While, the gross weight of wheelchair changes drastically(More)
In the coexistence circumstance with humans and robots, sensory and emotional feeling of human should be considered when the robots interact to human. A typical unpleasant feeling at interaction is "pain". It is difficult to separate the robots from human in the sense of time or place in coexisting environment unlike factory automation design. Thus a new(More)
Recently, the fractional-order PID (FO-PID) control, which is the generalization of the PID control, has been focused. Even though the FO-PID needs the high-order filter, it is difficult to realize the high-order one due to the memory limitation of the micro-controller unit (MCU). For implementation of the FO-PID, approximation of the fractional integrator(More)
Uniform temperature control of heating plate with a wide thermal conduction area is required in many industrial application fields. In this paper, a novel approach for uniform heating based on the physical property of thermal conduction is proposed. The main idea of the proposed scheme is to control the average and gradient temperatures between arbitrary(More)
Steer-by-wire system, in which the conventional mechanical linkages between the steering wheel and the front wheel are removed, is suited to active steering control, improving vehicle stability, dynamics and maneuverability, and besides, is applied to autonomous steering control to assist the driver. Conventional controller for SBW system is designed by(More)