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Electrical wheelchair has been used as a convenient transport device for elderly and handicapped persons. Recently, front drive type electric wheelchair has been focused on, with which handicapped person get on it from a bed easily. However, the front drive type wheelchair is difficult to run straight not only on slope but also on flat floor because of its(More)
Recently, the fractional-order PID (FO-PID) control, which is the generalization of the PID control, has been focused. Even though the FO-PID needs the high-order filter, it is difficult to realize the high-order one due to the memory limitation of the micro-controller unit (MCU). For implementation of the FO-PID, approximation of the fractional integrator(More)
Continuous passive motion (CPM) is an orthopedic treatment or physiotherapy after injury or operation. Most of CPM devices used for treatment of the elbow joint have one degree of freedom in flex-/extension. This causes that the patients are limited in pro-/supination of the forearm with flex- /extension of the elbow joint due to the movement of CPM device.(More)
Continuous passive motion (CPM) is an orthopedic treatment or physiotherapy method after surgery or injury by external continuous force. In CPM for the elbow joint, it is effective to reduce an excessive reaction force from a subject by controlling pro-/supination of forearm. The ulna collateral ligament in the elbow joint is extended due to pro-/supination(More)