Nobutaro Shibata

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We statistically investigated the total PTR resource record (RR) based DNS query request packet traffic from the Internet to the top domain DNS server in a university campus network through January 1st to December 31st, 2011. The obtained results are: (1) We found twelve host search (HS) attacks in the scores for detection method using the calculated(More)
Low-power and high-speed circuit techniques are described for 1-V battery operated SRAMs. A design concept is shown that uses two kinds of MOSFETs di erent in threshold voltages to reduce power dissipation due to the subthreshold leakage current in both standby and active modes. We propose a step-down boosted wordline scheme to reduce power dissipation in(More)
High-speed and low-power techniques are described for megabit-class size-configurable CMOS SRAM macrocells. To shorten the design turn-around-time, the methodology of abutting nine kinds of leaf cells is employed; two-level via-hole programming and the array-address decoder embedded in each control leaf cell present a divided-memory-array structure. A new(More)
The use of multiple power supplies with different output voltages has a great advantage in that it makes it possible to realize high performance ULSIs with low power dissipation. This paper presents a high-speed low-power SRAM that employs three power supplies (1, 2, and 3.3 V). A 1-V power supply is mainly used in the SRAM core to save standby and/or(More)