Nobutaka Uemura

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Coffee consumption has been reported to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes in experimental and epidemiological studies. This anti-diabetic effect of coffee may be attributed to its high content in polyphenols especially caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid. However, the association between plasma coffee polyphenols and diabetic risks has never been(More)
Mosapride citrate selectively acts on serotonin (5-HT4) receptors, thus accelerating gastrointestinal motility via acetylcholine. However, few studies have evaluated the influence of mosapride citrate on autonomic nervous activity and hemodynamics. Methods: The changes in autonomic nervous activity, QT interval, and QT dispersion resulting from the(More)
In order to meet the needs of a publication of papers in English, many systems to tun off texts have been developed. In this paper, we report a system FROFF which can make a fair copy of not only texts but also graphs and tables indispensable to our papers. Its selection of fonts, specification of character size are dinamically changeable, and the typing(More)
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