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Half-sib family structure of Fagus crenata saplings was examined in an old-growth beech-dwarf bamboo (Sasa spp.) forest using microsatellite genotypes in parentage analysis to identify the half-sib families in two 50 x 50 m plots: one with 36 adults, 641 saplings and no Sasa cover, the other with 21 adults, 61 saplings and Sasa cover. For large proportions(More)
A three-step interlaboratory validation of alternative methods to the Draize eye irritation test (Draize test) was conducted by the co-operation of 27 organizations including national research institutes, universities, cosmetic industries, kit suppliers and others. Twelve alternative methods were evaluated using 38 cosmetic ingredients and isotonic sodium(More)
A chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) assay evaluates the blood vessel reaction and damage to the CAM of a fertilized hen's egg. Two types of CAM assays, the hen's egg test-chorioallantoic membrane (HET-CAM) method and the chorioallantoic membrane-trypan blue staining (CAM-TB) method, were evaluated as alternative methods to the Draize eye irritation test(More)
The death receptor 5 (DR5) is a receptor for tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand and is able to induce apoptosis in various tumor cells. The expression of DR5 is up-regulated at the transcriptional level by p53, genotoxic stress and so on. To investigate the structure of the DR5 gene promoter, we screened and sequenced a genomic clone(More)
The level of ceruloplasmin, which is a more negatively charged protein than albumin, was measured by an immunoradiometric assay in timed overnight urine and serum samples from patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and healthy controls. None of the plasma proteins examined showed any cross-reactivity in this assay. A linear correlation was(More)
MATREX(TM) is a test system for evaluating eye irritation potential, using the living dermal model (LDM). The LDM consists of normal human dermal fibroblasts in a contracted collagen lattice, which eventually forms a three-dimensional structure. This system has several advantages. It can be applied to insoluble substances and does not require sterile(More)