Nobutaka Mitsuhashi

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BodyParts3D is a dictionary-type database for anatomy in which anatomical concepts are represented by 3D structure data that specify corresponding segments of a 3D whole-body model for an adult human male. It encompasses morphological and geometrical knowledge in anatomy and complements ontological representation. Moreover, BodyParts3D introduces a(More)
The fetus is known to be bacteria-free and is contaminated with bacteria during birth. We examined drug-resistant bacteria in feces of new-born infants to know the distribution of drug-resistant bacteria in a hospital. Among 76 infants examined, we could isolate drug-resistant strains of bacteria from 65 infants (86%). We collected 110 drug-resistant(More)
Knowledge discovery in large databases (KDD) is being performed in several application domains , for example, the analysis of sales data, and is expected to be applied to other domains. We propose a KDD approach to multipoint linkage analysis, which is a way of ordering loci on a chromosome. Strict multipoint linkage analysis based on maximum likelihood(More)
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