Nobutada Morioka

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UNLABELLED We tested the hypothesis that electro-acupuncture at the Zusanli, Yanglingquan, and Kunlun acupuncture points on the legs decreases anesthetic requirement. Fourteen young, healthy volunteers were anesthetized with desflurane on two separate days. Needle electrodes were positioned at the three acupuncture points thought to produce a generalized(More)
1) We studied bony maturation and fragility in 48 male patients (4-28 years old) with cerebral palsy. They were divided into three groups; group A (drug free, mild motor handicapped), 10 cases, group B (anticonvulsants administrated, mild motor handicapped), 20 cases, group C (anticonvulsants administrated, severe motor handicapped) 18 cases. The indicator(More)
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