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In this paper, emergence of cooperation in a network environment is explored. Interactions are modeled using a spatial prisoner's dilemma in which social distance is introduced , reflecting the existence of homophily, the tendency of agents to interact with likes in terms of agent attributes, and the network of interaction links, which evolves adapting to(More)
This paper focuses on the multi-attribute negotiation between Manufacture Agent (MA) and Material Supplier Agent (MSA) of supply chain network (SCN). A modified two-stage negotiation protocol is proposed based on the two-stage negotiation protocol proposed in the previous work. The negotiation between MA and MSAs, where the quantity of the order of MA(More)
Based on Dobos Richter model, this paper proposes an extended EOQ model considering demand fluctuation with three recovery options in Reverse logistics. The model assumes Production Distribution to meet demand fluctuation and Disposal Distribution to conform to the dynamic quantity of recoverable used items. We assume two kinds of demand distributions which(More)
Services with good quality do not always diffuse because consumers cannot confirm the quality of service before purchase because of the nature of service characteristics. Therefore, service diffusion must be studied using computer simulations to clarify the process of acceptance among consumers. This paper presents a multiagent-system-based model for(More)