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A physical map of the composite R plasmid NR1 has been constructed using specific cleavage of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) by the restriction endonuclease EcoR-. Digestion of composite NR1 DNA by EcoRI yields thirteen fragments. The six largest fragments (designated A to F) are from the resistance transfer factor component that harbors the tetracycline(More)
Studies on the structural and chromatographic properties of monolithic silica columns were reviewed. Monolithic silica columns prepared from tetraalkoxysilane by a sol-gel method showed high efficiency and high permeability on the basis of the small-sized silica skeletons, large-sized through-pores, and resulting through-pore size/skeleton size ratios much(More)
Bottromycin A2 inhibits polylysine synthesis with poly A at low concentrations of E. coli ribosomes. Peptide release by puromycin from ribosomes was significantly inhibited by blasticidin S, chloramphenicol and thiophenicol, but not by bottromycin A2 in the absence of GTPand G factor. Puromycindependent release of peptide from ribosomes was stimulated by(More)
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