Nobuo Nakagawa

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Section 1. Introduction I describe on functions of finite fields, about differentially uniformities and nonlinearlities of functions in this paper, mainly about planar functions over finite fields of characteristic an odd prime p and about almost perfect nonlinear functions and almost bent functions over finite fields of characteristic 2. Section 2. Planar(More)
The authors describe a case in which a biliary-hepatic artery fistula was created by a glidewire perforation during percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage and was successfully treated by embolization via the transbiliary tract. Great caution should be exercised to avoid perforation when a Terumo hydrophilic glidewire is used during biliary intervention.
We performed thermal balloon angioplasty in 10 iliac arteries in 5 mongrel dogs. By perfusing a modified angioplasty balloon with hot (100°C) saline, a mean balloon temperature of 84°C was obtained. Angiographic and histologic follow-up at 6 months revealed no thrombosis or aneurysm formation but it did reveal fibrotic transformation of the media. Initial(More)
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