Nobumasa Yoshida

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Sporamin, the major soluble protein of the sweet potato tuberous root, is coded for by a multigene family. Fourty-nine essentially full-length sporamin cDNAs isolated from tuberous root cDNA library have been classified by cross hybridization, restriction endonuclease cleavage pattern and ribonuclease cleavage mapping. All the cDNAs fall into one of the two(More)
,8-Amylase of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.), which constitutes about 5% of the total soluble protein of the tuberous root, is absent or is present in only small amounts in organs other than the tuberous roots of the normal, field-grown plants. However, when leaf-petiole cuttings from such plants were supplied with a solution that contained sucrose, the(More)
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