Nobuko Sasano

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A 53-year-old man with mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes (MELAS) underwent a gastrectomy. We administered bicarbonated Ringer's solution, which has a physiological concentration of bicarbonate. The level of serum lactate did not increase significantly, and metabolic acidosis did not occur throughout surgery or(More)
A 53-year-old man with mitochondrial disease underwent gastrectomy because of gastric cancer. Three days after the surgery, he developed severe hyponatremia (Na, 106 mmol·l−1) together with hypovolemic shock and lactic acidosis. Despite the hyponatremia, his urine sodium concentration was high, suggesting renal salt wasting. Although mitochondrial diseases(More)
As protection against low-oxygen and high-carbon-dioxide environments, the respiratory chemoreceptors reflexly increase breathing. Since CO is also frequently present in such environments, it is important to know whether CO affects the respiratory chemoreflexes responsiveness. Although the peripheral chemoreceptors fail to detect hypoxia produced by CO(More)
Hematopoietic SCT is an established treatment for a variety of hematological malignancies. However, the antitumor effect relies partly on the conditioning regimen before transplantation, which is performed with high-dose chemotherapy with or without the use of TBI, a regimen that causes severe toxicity to the ovaries. Successful pregnancies following TBI of(More)
Respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) may improve the efficiency of pulmonary gas exchange by matching the pulmonary blood flow to lung volume during each respiratory cycle. If so, an increased demand for pulmonary gas exchange may enhance RSA magnitude. We therefore tested the hypothesis that CO2 directly affects RSA in conscious humans even when changes in(More)
BACKGROUND Internal jugular vein (IJV) catheterization in pediatric patients is sometimes difficult because of the small sizes of veins and their collapse during catheterization. To facilitate IJV catheterization, we developed a novel skin-traction method (STM), in which the point of puncture of the skin over the IJV is stretched upward with tape during(More)
Owing to recent advances in surgical technology, substantial time is required for preparing surgical equipment before incision. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the time progression from a patient’s operating room entrance to incision and to evaluate the duration of each anesthetic procedure and surgical preparation. We marked the following(More)
To investigate the efficacy and toxicity of definitive chemoradiotherapy (CRT) for elderly patients with locally advanced esophageal cancer. Twenty-two patients aged over 75 that performed definitive CRT were retrospectively reviewed. The regimen included concurrent CRT consisting of two cycles of chemotherapy (CTx) of platinum and 5-fluorouracil, and(More)
Real-time ultrasound-assisted guidance for catheterization of the internal jugular vein (IJV) is known to be useful, especially for a small-sized vein, which is difficult to catheterize. However, one of the problems with real-time ultrasound-assisted guidance is that the ultrasound probe itself can collapse the vein. We have developed a novel “skintraction(More)