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Ferromagnetic transition of pyrochlore compound Yb2Ti2O7
R2Ti2O7 (R = Y and various rare earth elements) has pyrochlore type structure, which consists of two kinds of three-dimensional networks individually formed by the corner-sharing R4andExpand
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Force-field and quantum-mechanical binding study of selected SAMPL3 host-guest complexes
A Merck molecular force field classical potential combined with Poisson-Boltzmann electrostatics (MMFF/PB) has been used to estimate the binding free energy of seven guest molecules (six tertiary amines and one primary amine) into a synthetic receptor (acyclic cucurbit[4]uril congener) and two benzimidazoles. Expand
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Low-temperature phases of the pyrochlore compound Tb 2 Ti 2 O 7
Low-temperature magnetic states of the pyrochlore compound Tb 2 Ti 2 O 7 with a geometrical frustration have been determined by measuring the specific heat, the susceptibility, and the residualExpand
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Field dependence of magnetic ordering in Tb2Ti2O7
Abstract We have investigated the phase transition in magnetic field, for the pyrochlore compound Tb 2 Ti 2 O 7 with strong geometrical frustration. The specific heat has been measured down to 0.15 KExpand
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Residualizing indium-111-radiolabel for plasmid DNA and its application to tissue distribution study.
To develop a suitable vector and an administration technique for in vivo gene transfer, the tissue distribution of plasmid DNA (pDNA) needs to be understood. In this study, a novel residualizingExpand
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Simultaneous delivery of doxorubicin and immunostimulatory CpG motif to tumors using a plasmid DNA/doxorubicin complex in mice.
To achieve delivery of doxorubicin (DXR), a very commonly used anticancer agent, to tumor tissues, it was intercalated to plasmid DNA to obtain a plasmid DNA/DXR complex. The cytotoxic effects ofExpand
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Alkaloid biosynthesis in somatic hybrids of Duboisia leichhardtii F. Muell. and Nicotiana tabacum L.
Somatic hybrids of Duboisia leichhardtii and Nicotiana tabacum were obtained by electrofusion followed by individual cloning. The hybrid nature of the cloned cells and regenerated shoots wasExpand
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Non‐enzymatic synthesis of hygrine from acetoacetic acid and from acetonedicarboxylic acid
Hygrine, an intermediate in biosynthesis of tropane alkaloids, was formed non‐enzymatically by the coupling of γ‐methylaminobutyraldehyde with either acetoacetic acid or acetonedicarboxylic acid.Expand
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Quantum Spin State and Magnetization Plateaus in an S=1 Kagomé Heisenberg Antiferromagnet
The organic Heisenberg antiferromagnet m -MPYNN·BF 4 has a two-dimensional Kagome lattice of S = 1 dimers with a small trigonal distortion. This antiferromagnet indicates a nonmagnetic ground stateExpand
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Specific Heat of the Spin‐Gapped S=1 Kagomé Antiferromagnet m‐MPYNN⋅BF4 in Magnetic Fields
We have studied the specific heat of an organic compound m‐MPYNN⋅BF4‐(1/3)(acetone) in magnetic fields. This compound is a spin‐1 Kagome Heisenberg antiferromagnet and has a non‐magnetic ground stateExpand
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