Nobuki Onishi

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Ileus induced by an intramural hematoma due to exces-sive anticoagulant therapy, namely, anticoagulant ileus, was first described by Hafner et al. (1) in 1962. Warfarin is responsible for 98% of the reports of anticoagulant ileus (2), but there is no relationship between the duration of an-ticoagulation and this disease (2, 3). Most anticoagulant ileus(More)
Physique, muscle strength, and jump-step scores of female industrial workers, ages 17--34, were studied in relation to tenderness of shoulder muscles for five groups, (A) character display operators, (B) fluorescent lamp assemblers, (C) photographic film rolling workers, (D) teachers and nurses of handicapped children, and (E) office workers. No significant(More)
Effects of locally concentrated loading by repetitive upper limb operations on the musculature were studied in female workers of ages 19--33 rolling photographic film. They repeated rolling and capping of a 35 mm film every 2.5--5 sec during the whole day shift which had a 60 min lunch recess and two 10 min rests. Increase of dull-drowsy symptoms and(More)