Nobuki Nakamura

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IL-15 promotes the growth of T cells and shares properties of IL-2. IL-2 is produced exclusively by T cells, while IL-15 message is expressed by a variety of tissues. However, it has been difficult to demonstrate IL-15 in the supernatants of many cells that express message for this cytokine. This suggests that IL-15 production is regulated by(More)
Galectin-3 (Gal-3), a B-galactoside-binding protein is expressed in a specific cell–type manner in pituitary tumors. Here we questioned the mechanism of Gal-3 expression in pituitary tumors, by using methylation-specific PCR and DNA sequence analyses to analyze the methylation status of the promoter region of the LGALS3 gene. DNA analysis of a human(More)
We have previously reported new Mtv loci, Mtv-48 and -51, in the Japanese laboratory mouse strains CS and NC. Here we show by backcross analysis that both Mtv-48 and -51 cosegregate with very slow deletion of T cells bearing V beta 2. The nucleotide sequences of the open reading frames in the 3' long terminal repeats of Mtv-48 and -51 were very similar to(More)
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