Nobukatsu Shibata

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Brillouin-gain spectra are measured for pure-silica core, GeO(2)-doped core, and P(2)O(5)-doped core single-mode fibers with different index profiles. A narrow-linewidth semiconductor laser operating at 828 nm is used as the pump light source. The spectral shape of the Brillouin gain is found to be strongly related to the refractive-index profiles. The(More)
This investigation was conducted in an effort to determine the effect of pH and hydrogen peroxide content in ozone / hydrogen peroxide based advanced oxidation process prior to adsorption treatment by Ion-Exchange Resin (IER) on the alteration of an alkyl ether type non-ionic surfactant (NCW-1001). The alteration of the surfactant was estimated by observing(More)
The autoxidation reaction of human hemoglobin A was studied over the pH range of 5.3-10.4 in 0.1 M buffer at 37 degrees C. In the first-order plot, hemoglobin showed a biphasic reaction, which consisted of a rapid initial reaction and was followed by a slower second phase in the acidic or neutral pH range (5.3-8). However, this difference decreased with(More)
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