Nobuhiro Tsukamoto

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PURPOSE Respiratory monitoring systems are used to detect the respiratory phase of patients during the planning and administration of respiratory gated radiotherapy by using four-dimensional computed tomography (4DCT) or 4D positron-emission tomography/CT (4DPET/CT) and the linear accelerator (linac), respectively. Generally, identical respiratory(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The structure of radiation oncology in designated cancer care hospitals in Japan was investigated in terms of equipment, personnel, patient load, and geographic distribution. The effect of changes in the health care policy in Japan on radiotherapy structure was also examined. MATERIAL AND METHODS The Japanese Society of Therapeutic(More)
We have developed a highly sensitive radioimmunoassay of thyroxine and thyrotropin for mass screening for neonatal hypothyroidism. This assay involves a single disc (3 mm diameter) of dried blood on filter paper. The minimum detectable concentrations are 15 pg/tube (10 microgram/L) for thyroxine and 15 nano-int. units/tube (10 milli-int. units/L) for(More)
PURPOSE It is useful to convert free-text diagnostic reports into structured diagnostic reports by semantic analysis for the secondary investigation of their contents. In this study, we propose a system in which description units are automatically extracted to create structured text reports and we evaluated its usefulness. METHODS We defined the rules to(More)
Pure red cell aplasia (PRCA) rarely occurs in non-thymic lymphoproliferative disorders. The present article describes a patient with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (follicular, mixed type), who concurrently developed PRCA and warm type autoimmune hemolytic anemia during the clinical course. The PRCA and hemolytic anemia were successfully treated with prednisolone(More)
OBJECTIVE Treatment outcomes after salvage re-irradiation in patients with recurrent head and neck cancer vary widely due to heterogeneous patient characteristics, and it is difficult to evaluate optimal re-irradiation schedules. This study aimed to validate a nomogram, originally developed by Tanvetyanon et al., used to predict the survival probability of(More)