Nobuhiro Tsukamoto

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BACKGROUND Because of their fragile and thin wall, ruptured blood blister-like aneurysms (BBAs) at the anterior wall of the internal carotid artery (ICA) are difficult to manage, both surgically, as well as endovascularly. BBA is usually a tiny and broad-necked aneurysm, but it occasionally demonstrates a relatively saccular-like shape. In addition, the(More)
PURPOSE It is useful to convert free-text diagnostic reports into structured diagnostic reports by semantic analysis for the secondary investigation of their contents. In this study, we propose a system in which description units are automatically extracted to create structured text reports and we evaluated its usefulness. METHODS We defined the rules to(More)
The CyberKnife ® is expected to be a novel local treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), however, a long-term follow-up using dynamic computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging is required to determine the effect of treatment in a number of the affected patients. Therefore, there is a requirement to evaluate procedures for early determination(More)
BACKGROUND Acute cervical carotid artery occlusion presents with a severe neurological deficit and is associated with unfavorable outcomes. In this study, the authors report their experience with patients having had acute ischemic stroke due to cervical carotid occlusion, who underwent endovascular intervention. METHOD Sixteen acute cervical carotid(More)
The authors report a case of intracardiac migration of a ventriculoatrial (VA) shunt catheter and transvenous retrieval of the migrated shunt catheter. A 67-year-old male, who had previously undergone a VA shunt for hydrocephalus after subarachnoid hemorrhage, presented disorientation, memory disturbance and gait disturbance without any cardiopulmonary(More)
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