Nobuhiro Tsuda

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We present data-analysis schemes and results of observations with the TAMA300 gravitational-wave detector, targeting burst signals from stellar-core collapse events. In analyses for burst grav-itational waves, the detection and fake-reduction schemes are different from well-investigated ones for a chirp-wave analysis, because precise waveform templates are(More)
We propose a yield improvement methodology which repairs a faulty chip due to logic defect by using a repairable scan flip-flop (R-SFF). Our methodology improves area penalty, which is a large issue for logic repair technology in actual products, by using repair grouping and a redundant cell insertion algorithm and by pushing the design rule for the(More)
The authors have been developing a crutch walk training system. In this research, there are two fundamental schemes: one is measuring the motions of a patient and crutches, and the other is analyzing these motions. These schemes are expected to be utilized in practical rehabilitation works. In the proposed system, a gyroscope was embedded into a crutch, and(More)
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