Nobuhiro Sato

Rintaro Inoue2
Miyoko Hirose2
Yoshiyuki Takei2
Kenichi Ikejima2
2Rintaro Inoue
2Miyoko Hirose
2Yoshiyuki Takei
2Kenichi Ikejima
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Emerging evidence has suggested a critical role of leptin in hepatic inflammation and fibrogenesis, however, the precise mechanisms underlying the profibrogenic action of leptin in the liver has not been well elucidated. Therefore, the present study was designed to investigate the expression and functions of leptin receptors (Ob-R) in hepatic sinusoidal(More)
Fluorescent guest molecules doped in polymers have been used to convert ultraviolet light into visible light for applications ranging from optical fibres to filters for the cultivation of plants. The wavelength conversion process involves the absorption of light at short wavelengths followed by fluorescence emission at a longer wavelength. However, a(More)
Autofluorescence spectra of neoplastic tissues have been reported to be significantly different from those of normal tissues when excited by blue or violet light. From this concept, a light-induced autofluorescence endoscopic imaging system for gastrointestinal mucosa (LIFE-GI; Xillix, Canada and Olympus, Japan) has been newly developed and the clinical(More)
α-Crystallin possesses a dynamic quaternary structure mediated by its subunit dynamics. Elucidation of a mechanism of subunit dynamics in homo-oligomers of αB-crystallin was tackled through deuteration-assisted small-angle neutron scattering (DA-SANS) and electrospray ionization (ESI) native mass spectrometry (nMS). The existence of subunit exchange was(More)
PURPOSE Cleft lip repair is performed in the supine position, tilting the head back under general anesthesia. However, postoperative results are evaluated in the upright position while patients are awake. The purpose of this study was to anthropometrically assess whether nasolabial features of infants with unilateral cleft lip are influenced by posture and(More)
We evaluated the potential for hybridization between Atlantic salmon and salmonids currently present in Japan. We performed artificial and natural crosses and tested for hybridization using short interspersed elements. We documented the occurrence of hybrids and gynogenesis following artificial crossing. However, the survival rate of these offspring was low(More)
BACKGROUND Post-polypectomy hemorrhage is one of the complications of colonscopic polypectomy. And there is no definitive and convenient laboratory test that could be used to predict risk of delayed post-polypectomy hemorrhage. This research aimed to study risk prediction of delayed post-polypectomy hemorrhage using serum C-reactive protein (CRP) level as a(More)