Nobuhiro Okada

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Somatic reprogramming induced by defined transcription factors is a low-efficiency process that is enhanced by p53 deficiency. So far, p21 is the only p53 target shown to contribute to p53 repression of iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cell) generation, indicating that additional p53 targets may regulate this process. Here, we demonstrate that miR-34(More)
In this paper, we propose a method for global localization in non-stationary environments, where the environment is partially or completely different from the map. We assume there is no moving object. It is difficult to detect changes when both of the self-position and the map have large uncertainties. To solve the problem, we extended Monte Carlo(More)
The complete nucleotide sequence of pKDSC50, a large virulence plasmid from Salmonella enterica serovar Choleraesuis strain RF-1, has been determined. We identified 48 of the open reading frames (ORFs) encoded by the 49,503-bp molecule. pKDSC50 encodes a known virulence-associated operon, the spv operon, which is composed of genes essential for systemic(More)
Mobile robot teleoperation is a method for a human user to interact with a mobile robot over time and distance. Successful teleoperation depends on how well sensor images taken by the mobile robot are visualized to the user. To enhance the efficiency and the flexibility of the visualization, an image retrieval system on such a robot's image database would(More)
Self-localization is one fundamental problem in robotics, and important for various tasks. Most previous methods for self-localization is based on comparison between an environment-map and observed features (or landmarks). These approaches often fail in a dynamic and large environment with noisy sensors. To solve this problem, we propose a vision-based(More)
Power-assist robots are expected to assist the motion in daily living of physically weak persons. The concept of perception-assist has been proposed to assist the sensory ability in addition to the assist of motor ability of the user. In the perception-assist for a lower-limb power-assist robot, perception-assist can be applied to avoid the unexpected(More)