Nobuhiro Ogihara

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We have found that the specific capacity of a Li-intercalated metal-organic framework (iMOF) electrode material, 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate dilithium, can be increased by narrowing the distance between naphthalene layers via ordering. The increase in specific capacity can be attributed to formation of more efficient electron and ion pathways in the(More)
As advanced negative electrodes for powerful and useful high-voltage bipolar batteries, an intercalated metal-organic framework (iMOF), 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate dilithium, is described which has an organic-inorganic layered structure of π-stacked naphthalene and tetrahedral LiO4 units. The material shows a reversible two-electron-transfer Li(More)
The electrical properties of metal-organic frameworks (MOF) have attracted attention for MOF as electronic materials. We report on/off switchable electronic conduction behavior with thermal responsiveness in intercalated MOF (iMOF) with layered structure, 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate dilithium, which was previously reported as a reversible Li-intercalation(More)
STUDY DESIGN This study investigated the clinical usefulness of motor-evoked potentials (MEPs) produced by transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain for cervical myelopathy patients. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine the usefulness of MEPs for the assessment of the severity of myelopathy and prediction of the outcome of(More)
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