Nobuhiro Nonogaki

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We have developed an eight-core media processor for mobile multimedia applications, which achieves low power consumption and high performance. The processor uses a specific parallel process execution scheme that achieves high performance and allows parallel processing with performance and power consumption scalability over available resources. In addition,(More)
A low-power many-core SoC for multimedia applications is implemented in 40nm CMOS technology. Within a 210mm<sup>2</sup> die, two 32-core clusters are integrated with dynamically reconfigurable processors, hardware accelerators, 2-channel DDR3 I/Fs, and other peripherals. Processor cores in the cluster share a 2MB L2 cache connected through a tree-based(More)
In this paper, we propose a scalable and transparent parallelization scheme using threads for multi-core processor. The performance achieved by our scheme is scalable to the number of cores, and the application program is not affected by the actual number of cores. For the performance efficiency, we designed the threads so that they do not suspend and that(More)
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