Nobuhiro Nojima

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We examined the possibility that periodontal ligament (PDL) cells can differentiate into osteoblasts and/or cementoblasts in freshly isolated PDL tissues and in cultured cells derived from PDL. PDL tissues were obtained from the incisor teeth of bovine lower jaws; gingival connective tissues of the same animals were used as controls. Freshly isolated PDL(More)
We screened a gene library constructed with human leukocyte chromosomal DNA fragments with an oligonucleotide probe complementary to the middle part of the cDNA for the human epidermal growth factor receptor. One of the genomic DNA clones obtained contains an insert of 36 kilobase pairs encoding 54% of the mature receptor protein. From the sequencing(More)
In recent years, energy saving of a container ship is becoming one of the most important issues from the point of environmental protection of the global marine transportation business. To solve this problem, we have developed a new gas injection inverter scroll compressor for marine container refrigeration unit. The new compressor is based on a conventional(More)
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