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Mix-and-match overlay method by compensating dynamic scan distortion error
This paper discusses the compensation method and APC system to reduce errors in mix and matching overlay between scanners. We proposed the compensation model for intra-field errors in mix andExpand
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Soluble guanylyl cyclase is localised in the acinar cells and participates in amylase secretion in rat parotid gland.
It is well known that the muscarinic cholinergic agonists, carbachol and methacholine, enhance nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity, and also stimulate salivary secretion. In the present study, weExpand
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Polar Correction: new overlay control method for higher-order intra-field error dependent on the wafer coordinates
A new overlay control method called "Polar Correction" has been developed for higher-order intra-field error dependent on the wafer coordinates. Expand
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Method of robust pattern design for lens aberration
Recently, the critical dimension (CD) abnormality due to lens aberrations of exposure tool has become one of the critical issues in production of semiconductor devices. The most remarkable feature ofExpand
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Improvement of focus accuracy on processed wafer
As feature size shrinkage in semiconductor device progress, process fluctuation, especially focus strongly affects device performance. Because focus control is an ongoing challenge in opticalExpand
Overlay sampling optimization by operating characteristic curves empirically estimated
We derive a theoretical formulation of the probability of acceptance for several simple cases by decomposing overlay errors, and show that the origin of the differences is the use of stratified sampling in overlay inspection. Expand
Modulated Structures in La2-xSrxMO4 (M=Ni, Mn)
Features of modulated structures in La1.5Sr0.5NiO4 and La0.5Sr1.5MnO4 with the K2NiF4-type structure have been investigated in the temperature range between 85K and 400K by transmission electronExpand