Nobuhiro Ishido

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Adenocarcinoma is the most common histological type of gastric tumor. Gastric tumor arising from collision of an adenocarcinoma with a neuroendocrine carcinoma is extremely rare. Moreover, this uncommon gastric collision tumor in our case had prolapsed into the duodenum. A 77-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital complaining of vomiting and severe(More)
Intraductal papillary neoplasm of the bile duct (IPNB) is a variant type of the bile duct carcinoma characterized by intraductal growth. IPNB is also recognized as a precursor of invasive carcinoma. We describe herein an extremely rare case of IPNB arising from the cystic duct. A 68-year-old man was admitted to our hospital for investigation of(More)
Lap-Protector, which is an abdominal wall sealing device, is usually used for wound protection from implantation of malignant cells or pyogenic fluid. A circular stapler is a common easy-to-use device for anastomosis of the digestive tract. We report the case of an infected pancreatic pseudocyst which was treated by surgical procedure using these useful(More)
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