Nobuhiko Yamashita

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The MAGE-1 gene, originally isolated from a human melanoma cell line, directs the expression of a potential tumor-rejection antigen, MZ2-E. This antigen is recognized by autologous cytotoxic T lymphocytes in association with a major histocompatibility complex class I molecule (HLA-A1), and has provided a basis for specific immunotherapy for melanoma(More)
8.2 terawatt hours of electrical energy is consumed per year by NTT group companies. This huge amount of energy is used, for example, for fixed telecommunications, mobile communications, and data centers. As network equipment has become more IP-based, the energy consumption required has steadily increased. We have implemented various energy-saving measures(More)
NAD(+), an essential molecule involved in a variety of cellular processes, is synthesized through de novo and salvage pathways. NAD(+) synthetase catalyses the final step in both pathways. Here we show that this enzyme is encoded by the QNS1 gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Expression of Escherichia coli or Bacillus subtilis NAD(+) synthetases was able to(More)
We have previously reported the transformation by Rous sarcoma virus of a cloned epithelial cell line (BRL) established from Buffalo rat liver by H. Coon. The nontransformed (BRL) and transformed (RSV-BRL) cells grew at comparable rates in culture, whereas only the transformed cells were tumorigenic in vivo. We report here on the existence in rat and mouse(More)
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