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In this paper, we propose a multivariate time series model for sales count data. Based on the fact that setting an independent Poisson distribution to each brand's sales produces the Poisson distribution for their total number, characterized as market sales, and then, conditional on market sales, the brand sales follow a multinomial distribution, we first(More)
This study addresses price thresholds and their induced latitude of price acceptance under consumer heterogeneity. By incorporating price thresholds into a three-regime piecewise-linear stochastic utility function, we propose a brand choice model to estimate heterogeneous price thresholds using scanner panel data. Furthermore, we explore the structures that(More)
Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) employs a model for measuring and quantifying the satisfaction of customers who have used particular products and services. CSI provides a uniform measure of customer satisfaction that allows for comparison across industries and it illustrates how customer satisfaction is embedded in a system of cause–effect relationships.(More)
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