Nobuhiko Nakashima

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The complete genome of pepper vein yellows virus (PeVYV) was sequenced using random amplification of RNA samples isolated from vector insects (Aphis gossypii) that had been given access to PeVYV-infected plants. The PeVYV genome consisted of 6244 nucleotides and had a genomic organization characteristic of members of the genus Polerovirus. PeVYV had highest(More)
The complete genome sequences of two new iflaviruses (genus Iflavirus, family Iflaviridae) were determined. These viral sequences were first identified in RNA-seq contig sequences of Nilaparvata lugens in two distinct colonies: Izumo and Kagoshima. The accuracy of the contig sequences of the two viruses was verified by restriction enzyme digestion of RT-PCR(More)
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