Nobuaki Hiroshima

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We have introduced a search engine that can extract opinion sentences relevant to an open-domain query from Japanese blog pages. The engine identifies opinions based not only on positive or negative measurements but also on neutral opinions, requests, advice, and thoughts. To retrieve a number of opinion sentences that a user could reasonably be expected to(More)
Topics mentioned in blogspace are biased towards interesting/ funny or entertainment-related topics compared to articles in the generic web space and there are many personal opinions on products or services. Making good use of these characteristics, we introduce a new blog search engine that provides multiple interfaces, each targeted at a different goal,(More)
This paper presents a method for searching the web for sentences expressing opinions. To retrieve an appropriate number of opinions that users may want to read, declaratively subjective clues are used to judge whether a sentence expresses an opinion. We collected declaratively subjective clues in opinionexpressing sentences from Japanese web pages retrieved(More)
This paper describes a system that automatically generates meeting minutes by extracting a topic hierarchy from a meeting’s speech. The topic hierarchy is a tree structure whose nodes comprise a topic summary. The topic structure extraction process converts speech recognition results into a word conceptual vector sequence and divides the sequence into the(More)
Current automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems have to limit their vocabulary size depending on available memory size, expected processing time, and available text data for building a vocabulary and a language model. Although the vocabularies of ASR systems are designed to achieve high coverage for the expected input data, it cannot be avoided that(More)
This is the report the first nationwide survey of anesthetic management for laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgeries. We mailed a questionnaire to anesthetists of 133 hospitals in Japan and 74 completed questionnaires were returned. The number of intra-abdominal and thoracic surgical procedures has been increasing. General anesthesia was used in all cases(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the incidence of postoperative pulmonary complications (PPC) and the value of preoperative spirometry to predict PPC after laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Sixty-four of 1372 patients (8%) showed abnormal spirometry data. One out of 1372 patients developed aspiration pneumonia. The patient had high risk factors for(More)
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