Nobuaki Hamato

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Serine proteinase inhibitors of the squash family were isolated from bitter gourd (Momordica charantia LINN.) seeds by the conventional purification method. Heat treatment of the extract of the seeds allowed removal of large amounts of protein without loss of trypsin and elastase inhibitory activities. From the supernatants thus obtained, the inhibitors(More)
Antithrombin III (ATIII) is a member of the serpin superfamily and a major regulator of the blood coagulation cascade. To express recombinant human ATIII (rATIII) in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris, we constructed an rATIII expression plasmid which contained the ATIII cDNA encoding mature protein region connected with the truncated mAOX2 promoter(More)
Squash family inhibitors are the smallest protein serine protease inhibitors, being composed of approximately 30 amino acid residues. We isolated 8 squash family inhibitors from the seeds of bitter gourd, squash, gourd and luffa and examined their effect on serine proteases of the blood coagulation system. Five of them prolonged the activated partial(More)
Plasma-derived human antithrombin (pAT) is used for the treatments of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and hereditary antithrombin deficiencies. We expressed recombinant human antithrombin (rAT) in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells. The purified rAT is composed of 55% alpha-isoform and 45% beta-isoform. The structure of the N-linked(More)
Two almost identical trypsin isoinhibitors, LLDTI-I and LLDTI-II, from bottle gourd (Lagenaria leucantha Rusby var. Depressa Makino) seeds were purified by acetone precipitation, gel filtration and reversed phase chromatography. LLDTI-I and LLDTI-II consist of 30 and 29 amino acid residues, respectively, and have identical sequences, except that LLDTI-I has(More)
Gourd seed inhibitors were purified in the following manner: gourd seeds were ground and extracted with 10 mM ammonium carbonate, pH 7.8. The extract was precipitated with 65-90% acetone and the acetone precipitates were gel filtered in a Cellulofine GCL-90-m column. Fractions of 3000 Da showing trypsin inhibitory activity were combined and purified further(More)
Momordica charantia trypsin inhibitor II (MCTI-II) inhibits the amidolytic activity of factor Xa with a K(i) value 10-100-fold smaller than those of other squash family inhibitors. It also inhibits factor X activation mediated by factor VIIa-tissue factor complex or factor IXa. Comparison of other squash family inhibitors reveal Trp at position 7 (P(2)')(More)
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