Noboru Takasaki

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A 45-year-old woman with a history of right regional dull pain was referred to our hospital for evaluation of right hydronephrosis. CT and MRI showed a solitary mass (1 x 1 cm, L1-L2 level) at the right upper ureter. Laboratory data were within the normal range. A right nephrectomy was carried out under a clinical diagnosis of primary right ureteral tumor.(More)
A case of adult neuroblastoma of the right adrenal with tumor thrombus extending into the right atrium is reported. Because of right heart failure, the tumor thrombus in the right atrium was removed under the cardiopulmonary bypass. The histopathological examination of the tumor thrombus revealed neuroblastoma. Fourteen days after the first operation, the(More)
PURPOSE We clarified whether the clinical profiles of patients with a history of urolithiasis (stone formers) truly reflect those of patients who currently have renal stones (stone carriers). MATERIALS AND METHODS We evaluated 463 patients with gout using helical computerized tomography, urolithiasis history and relevant clinical parameters. RESULTS(More)
A 7-year-old girl was hospitalized with urinary incontinence. Intravenous pyelography showed the dilatation of upper segment of the right kidney, in which slight radioisotopic accumulation was detected on renal scintigraphy with 99mTc-DMSA. On computerized tomographic (CT) scan, a cystic mass shadow occupied the retroperitoneal space. During surgery, the(More)
We report a case of right giant hydronephrosis. A 68-year-old man was admitted to our hospital with chief complaints of general fatigue, loss of appetite and a one-year history of progressive fullness on whole abdomen. Abdominal computed tomography scan exhibited a huge, homogeneous, low density mass originating from the right kidney. We performed right(More)
Twenty-two patients underwent surveillance colonoscopy for 2 to 54 months (average, 22 months) after ureterosigmoidostomy. The distance between site of ureterocolonic anastomosis and anal verge ranged from 13 to 30 cm (average, 18.3 cm) in right side and from 20 to 37 cm (average, 29.5 cm) in left side. The form of implanted site could be classified into 3(More)
A 43-year-old male presented with a left supraclavicular mass as well as an upper abdominal mass. Biopsy of the supraclavicular mass revealed seminoma with components of both embryonal carcinoma and choriocarcinoma. Right orchiectomy was performed because physical examination showed that the left testis was normal but the right testis was slightly atrophic.(More)
The clinical effectiveness of PPC, amino acid preparation, on nonspecific chronic prostatitis was evaluated by the double-blind test method. A mixture of two pollen extracts which has been widely employed for the treatment of chronic prostatitis was used as a control. Neither antibiotics nor anti-inflammatory drug was administered during the investigation.(More)
A 77-year-old male visited our hospital complaining of swelling in the right scrotal and inguinal region, urinary urgency and difficulty of urination. Physical examination revealed an elastic soft mass in the right inguinal region toward the right scrotum. Rectal examination proved that the prostate was moderately enlarged. Cystogram and urethrography(More)