Noboru Sonehara

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Digital watermarking technology would be very useful as part of a related service introduction system (RSIS); this system provides related information to content, and the function of watermark in RSIS is analogous to that of barcode, i.e., watermark binds content ID to analog content such as an image on printed material.In this paper, we focus on a(More)
We developed a system that enables a camera-equipped cellular phone to read digital watermarks embedded in various media in real time, and that presents to the user a link to a Web page, video, or music associated with that watermark information. A picture captured by a camera is the result of applying a projective transformation combining rotation,(More)
Factors affecting the intention of purchasing online have been investigated for many years. On the other hand, the question of what keeps online customers repurchasing through the Internet has rarely been examined. By expanding the existing customer satisfaction/continuance model based on the expectation-confirmation model, this study aims to provide a(More)
Patients' medical data have been originally generated and maintained by health professionals in several independent electronic health records (EHRs). Centralized electronic health records accumulate medical data of patients to improve their availability and completeness; EHRs are not tied to a single medical institution anymore. Nowadays enterprises with(More)
Data compression and generalization capabilities are important for neural network models as learning machines. From this point of view, the image data compression characteristics of a neural network model are examined. The applied network model is a feedforward-type, three-layered network with the backpropagation learning algorithm. The implementation of(More)
Participation of people is the most important factor in providing high quality of service in mobile sensing applications. In this paper we study coupons as incentives in order to stimulate users participation, especially in applications that rely on real-time data. We argue that coupons do not only function as incentives to increase user participation, but(More)
Shibboleth is a well-known software package for web single sign-on (SSO) based on several federated identity standards, including the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)' security assertion markup language (SAML) version 1.1 and 2.0. This paper describes, a user consent acquisition system (UCAS) with an(More)
Patient-controlled Personal Health Record (PHR) systems may facilitate a patient not only to share her health records with healthcare professionals but also to control her health privacy, in a convenient and easy way. Governed by privacy protection laws, explicit consent/permission of the respective patient is a prerequisite for sharing personal health(More)
Security is one of the biggest concerns about Cloud Computing. Most issues are related to security problems faced by cloud providers, who have to ensure that their infrastructure is properly secure and client data are protected, and by the customers, who must ensure proper security measures have been taken by the provider in order to protect their personal(More)