Noboru Sakumoto

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While videothoracoscopic surgery has rapidly become accepted as an effective method of performing minimally invasive surgery, the advantages and feasibility of using this surgical technique for the treat-ment of neurogenic tumors of the thorax are not yet well defined. Between August 1992 and May 1999, 15 solitary thoracic neurogenic tumors were surgically(More)
AbstractThe purpose of the present study was to understand the tissue specificity of DNA methylation and the relationship between methylation and expression of genes with essential roles in neurodevelopment and brain function. We chose dopamine receptor genes (DRD1 and DRD2), NCAM, and COMT as examples of genes with CpG islands around the promoter region,(More)
Previous reports have shown that both A1 allele carriers of TaqI A and Del allele non-carriers of -141C Ins/Del for dopamine D(2) receptor (DRD(2)) gene polymorphisms have a better antipsychotic drug response. The present study aimed to examine the validity of a combination of these two DRD(2) polymorphisms as predictors for response to DRD(2) antagonists.(More)
A case of endobronchial metastasis from renal cell carcinoma developing 5 years after a right nephrectomy in a 63-year-old man is reported. Bronchoscopic examination performed after the patient presented with hemoptysis showed a polypoid tumor obstructing the entrance to the left upper bronchus. A snare was introduced through a bronchofiberscope to remove(More)
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