Noboru Ogiso

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Intense expression of mRNA of endothelin-B receptor (ETBR) has been detected in the Bergmann glia of cerebellum by in situ hybridization, but the intracellular localization has not been reported because of the absence of a useful antibody for immunohistochemical investigations. We made polyclonal antibodies against the carboxyl terminus of human ETBR(More)
Epithelial proliferation, extracellular matrix remodeling, and interstitial inflammation are central elements in the pathogenesis of slowly progressive polycystic kidney disorders. Probucol, an antioxidant that lowers plasma cholesterol, has been shown to decrease smooth muscle cell proliferation and macrophage accumulation in blood vessels and to prevent(More)
The murine polycystic kidney disease gene, pcy, is an autosomal recessive trait located on chromosome 9. To determine the genetic locus of pcy, 222 intraspecific backcross mice were obtained by mating C57BL/6FG-pcy and Mus molossinus. Restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of 70 of the 222 backcross progeny showed that pcy, dilute coat color (d),(More)
IL-6 is a cytokine that is involved in various physiological and pathological conditions, and approaches using gain-of-function transgenic animals have contributed in elucidating IL-6 function. However, studies of the multiple functions of IL-6 in vivo are very time consuming because they require the generation of transgenic mice that harbor the gene(More)
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