Noboru Nakamichi

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WebTracer is a new usability evaluation environment that supports recording, replaying, and analysis of a gazing point and operation while a user is browsing a website. WebTracer can record a user's gazing point and operation compactly. Results of an experimental evaluation showed that the size of the operation history recorded by WebTracer was from 1/10 to(More)
The purpose of this research is to detect low usability web pages from the behavior of users, such as browsing time, mouse movement and eye movement. We experimented to investigate the relation between the quantitative data viewing behavior of users and web usability evaluation by subjects. We analyzed the data to detect low usability web pages using(More)
This paper describes a WWW site evaluation tool, WebTracer, which can record user's gazing points, a user's operational data, and the screen image of browsed pages. In addition, the WebTracer can replay a user's browsing operations. In an evaluation experiment, we record without interruption, a user's browsing operations using WebTracer. The average(More)
Insulin-producing cells express limited activities of anti-oxidative enzymes. Therefore, reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced in these cells play a crucial role in cytotoxic effects. Furthermore, diabetes mellitus (DM) development is closely linked to higher ROS levels in insulin-producing cells. Hita Tenryosui Water(®) (Hita T. W., Hita, Japan) and(More)
Aging-related neurodegenerative disorders are closely associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stresses and their incidence tends to increase with aging. Brain is the most vulnerable to reactive species generated by a higher rate of oxygen consumption and glucose utilization compared to other organs. Electrochemically reduced water (ERW) was(More)
Extending the applications of SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) to embedded/mobile service systems requires the asynchronous and lightweight messaging. However, conventional SOA focuses on the synchronous and heavyweight messaging such as SOAP. Furthermore, the lightweight messaging is diverse. Designing lightweight SOA, a class of SOA based on the(More)
1 Introduction Designing attractive Web sites is a crucial problem in business, since Web sites directly reflect the images and sales of companies (Goto & Cotler, 2002). Therefore, usability evaluation for web pages is now an important concern in finding flaws and shortcomin gs in the pages with respect to usability (Jakob, 1993). A user's gazing point and(More)
This paper proposes a quantitative recording system for users' operation on home appliances. This system records automatically Infrared-signal (Ir-signal) from remote controller of the appliances and pictures of TV Output from the appliances simultaneously. The system acquires the Ir-signal and the pictures without particular interfaces or modification of(More)
Electrochemically reduced water (ERW) is produced near a cathode during electrolysis and exhibits an alkaline pH, contains richly dissolved hydrogen, and contains a small amount of platinum nanoparticles. ERW has reactive oxygen species (ROS)-scavenging activity and recent studies demonstrated that hydrogen-dissolved water exhibits ROS-scavenging activity.(More)