Nobert Walz

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Water-column mixing is known to have a decisive impact on plankton communities. The underlying mechanisms depend on the size and depth of the water body, nutrient status and the plankton community structure, and they are well understood for shallow polymictic and deep stratified lakes. Two consecutive mixing events of similar intensity under different(More)
The focus of our study was to determine whether the biochemical composition of heterotrophic protists resembles that of their diet. Carbonand cell-specific concentrations of fatty acids and essential amino acids were investigated for two ciliates (Balanion planctonicum, Urotricha farcta) grown on algal diet (the cryptomonad Cryptomonas phaseolus), and a(More)
Hydrobiont filter-feeders are an element of the socalled “biosphere apparatus” [1] (according to V.I. Vernadsky, the biosphere apparatus consists of functioning organisms, which transform the environment into the biosphere) and a component of aquatic ecosystems [2–5]. Rotifers are filter-feeders whose filtration activity often reaches 0.04–0.3 ml per animal(More)
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