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MTSS is a benign, though painful, condition, and a common problem in the running athlete. It is prevalent among military personnel, runners, and dancers, showing an incidence of 4% to 35%. Common names for this problem include shin splints, soleus syndrome, tibial stress syndrome, and periostitis. The exact cause of this condition is unknown. Previous(More)
Sex chromosome aneuploidy (SCA), when detected in amniocentesis, is usually an unexpected result of a test carried out for another purpose. For most SCAs, the prognosis is milder and less predictable than trisomy 21, and therefore parents are faced with a difficult decision regarding the option of pregnancy termination. While studies from Europe and the USA(More)
Since, at least in the near future, prenatal testing and abortion of affected fetuses will remain the main way of the prevention of genetic diseases, knowledge about the way of its acceptance in different cultures is important. The Israeli population includes two major groups: Jewish and Arabs, but while there is wide experience about the Jewish population(More)
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