Noam N. Butterfield

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UNLABELLED Exposure to general anesthesia may contribute to postoperative cognitive impairment in elderly patients, but the relationship remains poorly understood. We investigated whether aged mice, 18-19 mo, are more susceptible to postanesthetic cognitive impairment than young mice, 3-4 mo, using spatial memory (Barnes maze) and psychomotor (rotarod)(More)
BACKGROUND Cognitive impairments are the main complication after electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Modification of treatment parameters has been shown to affect the magnitude of these impairments, but the role of anesthetic type remains unclear. This study tested whether there is a difference in cognitive impairments immediately after ECT with propofol(More)
To know the options for fertility preservation in women with cervix, ovarian or endometrial cancer. To understand the role and limitations of imaging in selection of patients for fertility preserving options. To recognise the appearances of early stage disease that fulfil the criteria for eligibility for fertility preservation.
The research protocol is the principal document in the conduct of a clinical trial. Its generation requires knowledge about the research problem, the potential experimental confounders, and the relevant Good Clinical Practices for conducting the trial. However, such information is not always available to authors during the writing process. A checklist of(More)
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