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Pedagogy of the Impossible: Neoliberalism and the Ideology of Accountability:
This article analyzes the ideology of accountability in contemporary education within the context of neoliberalism and its reconstruction of social relationships on the basis of the market,Expand
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Decolonial pedagogy and the ethics of the global
An ethical and democratic globality, and the kind of education that would contribute to it, are only possible in the context of a recognition of the relations of power that have shaped history, andExpand
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Pedagogy in Common: Democratic education in the global era
In the context of the increasingly transnational organization of society, culture, and communication, this article develops a conceptualization of the global common as a basic condition ofExpand
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Educational 'accountability' and the violence of capital: a Marxian reading
This article investigates the accountability movement in education in order to discover its meaning within contemporary capitalism. It demonstrates how trends in educational accountability reify theExpand
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Power, Crisis, and Education for Liberation: Rethinking Critical Pedagogy
The Time of Educational Liberation in the Age of Empire * Stretched Dialectic: Starting From Frantz Fanon *Conceptualizing Oppression in Educational Theory: Toward a Compound Standpoint * ClearingsExpand
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Rethinking Education and Emancipation: Being, Teaching, and Power
This essay describes two central principles for a renewed emancipatory pedagogy across educational contexts: the recognition of an essential equality between students and teachers and a liberatoryExpand
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Education and violation: conceptualizing power, domination, and agency in the hidden curriculum
This article offers a theory of a process of violation that connects macropolitical effects to the intimate terrain of subject production. I describe power, as violation, in terms of a simultaneousExpand
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Conceptualizing the Carceral Turn: Neoliberalism, Racism, and Violation
This article considers the turn to punishment in neoliberalism, and the hardening it marks in the criminal justice system, education, and public life. Examining tensions between neoliberalism’sExpand
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Staging the Crisis: Teaching, Capital, and the Politics of the Subject
AbstractThis article proposes a philosophical reconstruction of the subject of the educator as the agent of curriculum. Starting from recent work in critical theory and philosophy, it describes theExpand
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