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While researchers have long investigated end-user programming using a trigger-action (if-then) model, the website IFTTT is among the first instances of this paradigm being used on a large scale. To understand what IFTTT users are creating, we scraped the 224,590 programs shared publicly on IFTTT as of September 2015 and are releasing this dataset to spur(More)
To investigate whether survivors of heart/lung and double-lung transplantations have normal or increased nonspecific bronchial responsiveness, nine heart/lung and four double-lung transplant recipients with normal lung histology underwent methacholine challenge and voluntary isocapnic dry air hyperventilation (VIH) in a randomized order at a mean time of(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess relevant data comparing short implants or implants associated with vertical ridge augmentation derived from RCT's and CCT's. MATERIAL AND METHODS A PubMed and hand search was performed to identify all RCT's and CCT's published in English language comparing short implants to implants associated with vertical ridge augmentation. (More)
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