Noah L. Schwartz

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Major League Baseball, like other American professional sports, has become a multibillion dollar industry. The institution of free agency has led to the escalation of payrolls and altered the make-up of rosters by dramatically reducing owners’ monopsony power. The ability of large market clubs such as the New York Yankees to compete continually for the(More)
The increasing acceptance and utilization of endodontic therapy for the preservation of broken-down posterior teeth presents the practitioner with many difficult restoration problems. If 25% or more of the coronal tooth structure is lost, some form of artificial dentin augmentation is required to provide adequate support and retention for the final(More)
An interdisciplinary team of health professionals developed a model treatment program to improve adherence, self-management, and metabolic control for five inner city, black, young adult, diabetic women. Following an initial in-hospital evaluation, the staff met with the patients as a group once a month for 18 mo. The professional approach was suppurative(More)