Noah Hae-Woong Yang

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The effects of acupuncture have been described and handed down empirically for centuries but there are few reports based on objective data. The aim of this study was to provide selective evidence of a specific effect of acupuncture on the brain and the eye using a Doppler ultrasound technique. A transcranial Doppler sonography arrangement was developed to(More)
A new transcranial Doppler sonography arrangement was used to monitor blood flow profiles in the supratrochlear and middle cerebral arteries simultaneously and continuously. The technique selectively demonstrated the specific effect of acupuncture on the cranial arteries, in a 25-year-old female with pigmentary retinopathy. Stimulation of points Zanzhu and(More)
Acupuncture has been used for over 5,000 years and a large body of evidence exists. Transcranial Doppler (TCD) ultrasound, introduced more than a decade ago, has evolved into a dynamic, reliable, reproducible and practical diagnostic tool. In this study we describe simultaneous and continuous TCD monitoring of the supratrochlear and middle cerebral arteries(More)
A low-power forwarded-clock I/O transceiver architecture is presented that employs a high degree of output/input multiplexing, supply-voltage scaling with data rate, and low-voltage circuit techniques to enable low-power operation. The transmitter utilizes a 4:1 output multiplexing voltage-mode driver along with 4-phase clocking that is efficiently(More)
ADC-BASED serial link receivers are emerging in order to scale data rates over high attenuation channels. Embedding partial equalization inside the front-end ADC can potentially result in lowering the complexity of back-end DSP and/or decreasing the ADC resolution requirement, which results in a more energy-efficient receiver. This paper presents a 6-b(More)
Serial link transmitters which efficiently incorporate equalization, while also enabling fast power-state transitioning to leverage dynamic power scaling, are necessary to meet future systems’ I/O requirements. This paper presents a scalable voltage-mode transmitter which offers low static power dissipation and adopts an impedance-modulated 2-tap equalizer(More)