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Decolonial pedagogy and the ethics of the global
An ethical and democratic globality, and the kind of education that would contribute to it, are only possible in the context of a recognition of the relations of power that have shaped history, andExpand
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Economies of racism: grounding education policy research in the complex dialectic of race, class, and capital
The intent of this paper is to interrogate the current theoretical discourse in education concerning issues of race and class. The authors maintain that in recent years educational theory andExpand
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Conceptualizing the Carceral Turn: Neoliberalism, Racism, and Violation
This article considers the turn to punishment in neoliberalism, and the hardening it marks in the criminal justice system, education, and public life. Examining tensions between neoliberalism’sExpand
Decoloniality as inversion: decentring the west in emancipatory theory and pedagogy
ABSTRACT This study starts from contemporary scholarship in decolonial theory as well as from the seventeenth century political thinker Guaman Poma de Ayala, whose critique of colonial society inExpand
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Against reconciliation: Constituent power, ethics, and the meaning of democratic education
Starting from autonomist theorist Antonio Negri’s concept of constituent power and from decolonial philosopher Enrique Dussel’s notions of obediential power and the ethics of exteriority, this studyExpand
Staging the Crisis: Teaching, Capital, and the Politics of the Subject
Abstract This article proposes a philosophical reconstruction of the subject of the educator as the agent of curriculum. Starting from recent work in critical theory and philosophy, it describes theExpand
Dialectic of Emergency/Emergency of the Dialectic
A number of contemporary thinkers have argued that public discourse has become corrupted by an anxious preoccupation with what is immediate or shortterm. Thus Jérôme Bindé claims that an orientationExpand
Scripted Fantasies and Innovative Orientalisms: Media, Youth, and Ideology in the Age of the “War on Terror”
Anxieties associated with global conflict surround youth and ideological narratives mediating these conflicts can be seen in the popular media youth consume. This investigation uses contemporaryExpand
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Pedagogy in Common: Democratic education in the global era
In the context of the increasingly transnational organization of society, culture, and communication, this article develops a conceptualization of the global common as a basic condition ofExpand
Conceptualizing Oppression in Educational Theory: Toward a Compound Standpoint
This article analyzes three paradigms of oppression that are influential in progressive approaches in educational research: oppression as cultural hegemony, oppression as capitalist accumulation, andExpand