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Chronic pain is a widespread, difficult problem facing clinicians. This study assessed the current medical management of a general population of patients with chronic pain in 12 family medicine practices located throughout the state of Wisconsin. Medical record audits were conducted on a sample of 209 adults. Sixty-seven percent were female with an average(More)
AIM To compare the attitudes and practices of a sample of veterinarians in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom (UK) towards pre-pubertal gonadectomy of cats. METHODS Respondents' demographics were gathered using an electronic questionnaire distributed via professional veterinary associations in the target countries, as were minimum age at(More)
AIMS To ascertain the levels of awareness of legislation governing the welfare of cats, and provision of basic care, including vaccination, by cat owners within two locations in New Zealand. To assess the ability of respondents to differentiate between the terms 'stray' and 'feral'. METHODS A face-to-face questionnaire, consisting of 12 questions in three(More)
Purpose: This article reports on the findings of a meta-synthesis undertaken on published gray transgender suicidality literature, to determine the average rate of suicidal ideation and attempts in this population. Methods: Studies included in this synthesis were restricted to the 42 that reported on 5 or more Canadian or U.S. adult participants, as(More)
The purpose of this review is to create a set of provisional criteria for Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) to refer to when assessing the ethical orientation of transgender health research proposals. We began by searching for literature on this topic using databases and the reference lists of key articles, resulting in a preliminary set of criteria. We(More)
AIMS To determine the perceptions of a sample of veterinarians in New Zealand regarding pain and pain management in rabbits and guinea pigs. METHODS Questionnaires were distributed to all members of the Companion Animal Society, part of the New Zealand Veterinary Association. The questionnaire gathered information on the demographics of respondents,(More)
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