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On the basis of the high affinity of Zn(2+) to sulfur and imidazole, we targeted nucleotides such as GDP-β-S, ADP-β-S, and AP3(β-S)A, as potential biocompatible Zn(2+)-chelators. The thiophosphate moiety enhanced the stability of the Zn(2+)-nucleotide complex by about 0.7 log units. ATP-α,β-CH2-γ-S formed the most stable Zn(2+)-complex studied here, log K(More)
P2Y nucleotide receptors (P2Y-Rs) play important physiological roles. However, most of the P2Y-R subtypes are still lacking potent and selective agonists and antagonists. Based on data mining analysis of binding interactions in 44 protein-uridine nucleos(t)ides complexes, we designed uracil nucleotides, substituted at the C5/C6 position. All C6-substituted(More)
1. Meist stellt sich nach der ResektionBillroth I-v. Haberer eine rhythmische, portionsweise Entleerung des Magens ein. 2. Die OperationBillroth I-v. Haberer schafft einen funktioneil pylorusÄhnlichen Verschlu\ am Magenausgang. 3. Bei der OperationBillroth I-v. Haberer werden, im Gegensatz zu ResektionBillroth II und Gr. E., die Massen aus dem Magen(More)
Dinucleoside polyphosphates, or dinucleotides (Np(n)N'; N, N' = A, U, G, C; n = 2-7), are naturally occurring ubiquitous physiologically active compounds. Despite the interest in dinucleotides, and the relevance of their conformation to their biological function, the conformation of dinucleotides has been insufficiently studied. Therefore, here we performed(More)
Dinucleotides (Np n N′; N and N′ are A, U, G, or C, n = 2–7) are naturally occurring physiologically active compounds. Despite the interest in dinucleotides, the composition of their complexes with metal ions as well as their conformations and species distribution in living systems are understudied. Therefore, we investigated a series of Mg2+ and Ca2+(More)
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