Noëlle K J Bittner

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We report on semiclassical angle-dependent magnetoresistance oscillations and the Shubnikov-de Haas effect in the electron-overdoped cuprate superconductor Nd(2-x)CexCuO4. Our data provide convincing evidence for magnetic breakdown in the system. This shows that a reconstructed multiply connected Fermi surface persists, at least at strong magnetic fields,(More)
Table 2 reports incorrect GAPDH allozyme frequencies for the Lemon Gap form at Locality 61, which is actually fixed for GAPDH 4 , and for the Sinking Creek form at Locality 31, which is actually polymorphic for GAPDH 2 and GAPDH 3. We still assert that the allozyme frequencies at Locality 36 may reflect gene exchange with LGF. A corrected version of Table 2(More)
We report on the direct probing of the Fermi surface in the bulk of the electron-doped superconductor Nd(2-x)Ce(x)CuO(4) at different doping levels by means of magnetoresistance quantum oscillations. Our data reveal a sharp qualitative change in the Fermi surface topology, due to translational symmetry breaking in the electronic system which occurs at a(More)
In equilibrium systems amplitude and phase collective modes are decoupled, as they are mutually orthogonal excitations. The direct detection of these Higgs and Leggett collective modes by linear-response measurements is not possible, because they do not couple directly to the electromagnetic field. In this work, using numerical exact simulations we show for(More)
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