Noël R. Peters

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Wheat (cv Chinese Spring) tissues were transformed using Agrobacterium tumefasciens and a new plasmid modular vector, pMVTBP. We constructed pMVTBP with unique restriction sites connecting (1) the CaMV 35S promoter, (2) a Kozak sequence, (3) the FLAG epitope, (4) the (His)6 epitope, (5) a coding region (for wheat TATA Binding Protein, wTBP) and (6) the CaMV(More)
Lactimidomycin (LTM, 1), iso-migrastatin (iso-MGS, 2) and migrastatin (MGS, 3) are macrolide antitumor antibiotics differing in macrolide ring size but all bearing a glutarimide side chain. To further develop these natural products and related analogs as drug candidates we have produced and evaluated the biological activities of a small library of iso-MGS(More)
Glycosylated natural products are reliable platforms for the development of many front-line drugs, yet our understanding of the relationship between attached sugars and biological activity is limited by the availability of convenient glycosylation methods. When a universal chemical glycosylation method that employs reducing sugars and requires no protection(More)
Migrastatin (1), iso-migrastatin (5) and lactimidomycin (7) are all glutarimide-containing polyketides known for their unique structures and cytotoxic activities against human cancer cell lines. Migrastatin, a strong inhibitor of tumor cell migration, has been an important lead in the development of antimetastatic agents. Yet studies of the related(More)
The reaction of 70 unprotected, diversely functionalized free reducing sugars with methoxyamine-appended colchicine led to the production of a 58-member glycorandomized library. High-throughput cytotoxicity assays revealed glycosylation to modulate specificity and potency. Library members were also identified which, unlike the parent natural product (a(More)
Structurally novel endoperoxides can be sythesized by the photocatalytic cyclotrimerization of bis(styrene) substrates with molecular oxygen. The optimal catalyst for this process is Ru(bpz)(3)(2+), which is a markedly more efficient catalyst for these photooxygention reactions than conventional organic photosensitizers. The 1,2-dioxolane products are(More)
Chemical genetics, in which small molecules are used in lieu of mutations to study biological processes, requires large and diverse chemical libraries to specifically perturb different biological pathways. Here we describe a suite of technologies that enable chemical libraries prepared by split-pool solid phase synthesis to be screened in a diverse range of(More)
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