Noël Nguyen

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This book is concerned with how multiple sources of information are processed in speech perception and, more generally, in pattern recognition. It is based upon an important research program conducted by Massaro and his colleagues over the last two decades. The book focuses on the perception of so-called bimodal speech, addressing a wide range of issues(More)
One key aspect of face-to-face communication concerns the differences that may exist between speakers’ native regional accents. This paper focuses on the characterization of regional phonological variation in a conversational setting. A new, interactive task was designed in which 12 pairs of participants engaged in a collaborative game leading them to(More)
This paper examines acoustic aspects of vowel harmony (VH), understood as regressive vowel-tovowel assimilation, in two regional varieties of French in six speakers’ productions of 107 disyllabic word pairs. In each word pair, the word-initial vowel (V1) was phonemically either /e/ or /o/, and the word-final stressed vowel (V2) alternated between /e-E/,(More)
Properties of syllable onset /l/ that depend on the voicing of the syllable coda were measured for four speakers, representing different non-rhotic British English accents that differ in their phonetic realisation of onset /l/ and in their system of phonological contrast involving onset /l/ and /r/. Onset /l/ was longer before voiced than voiceless codas(More)
This study aimed at investigating the effects of acoustic distance and of speaker variability on the pre-attentive and attentive perception of French vowels by French adult speakers. The electroencephalogram (EEG) was recorded while participants watched a silent movie (Passive condition) and discriminated deviant vowels (Active condition). The auditory(More)
French accentual phrases (APs) are characterized by the presence of a typical final fo rise (LH*) and an optional/additional initial fo rise (LHi). This study tested whether between-speaker speech imitation influenced the realization of APs tonal patterns. The experiment was based on APs containing a function word plus a bisyllabic content word, whose tonal(More)
This combined ERP and behavioral experiment explores the dynamics of processing during the discrimination of vowels in a non-native regional variety. Southern listeners were presented with three word forms, two of which are encountered in both Standard and Southern French ([kot] and [kut]), whereas the third one exists in Standard but not Southern French(More)
This study examined the impact on speech processing of regional phonetic/phonological variation in the listener's native language. The perception of the /e/-/epsilon/ and /o/-/upside down c/ contrasts, produced by standard but not southern French native speakers, was investigated in these two populations. A repetition priming experiment showed that the(More)
Using the mismatch negativity (MMN) response, we examined how Standard French and Southern French speakers access the meaning of words ending in /e/ or /ε/ vowels which are contrastive in Standard French but not in Southern French. In Standard French speakers, there was a significant difference in the amplitude of the brain response after the(More)
This event-related potential (ERP) study examined the impact of phonological variation resulting from a vowel merger on phoneme perception. The perception of the /e/-/epsilon/ contrast which does not exist in Southern French-speaking regions, and which is in the process of merging in Northern French-speaking regions, was compared to the /ø/-/y/ contrast,(More)