Noël Coulibaly

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OBJECTIVES To determine the value of perineal sonography in the diagnosis of urethral stenosis and evaluation of surrounding fibrosis. Materials and methods. Fifty-eight healthy subjects underwent urethral sonography. Thirty-two patients with suspected urethral stenosis underwent sonography after retrograde distension of the urethra using normal saline and(More)
Scaling and root planning is more and more associated with subgingival irrigation in chronics periodontal treatment. It is unreasonable to expect to control periodontal infections by mechanical treatment alone. Most patients do not achieve the necessary level of manual dexterity or motivation to control their plaque at home. It is rather better to deliver(More)
Viral infections are an important complication of transplantation. Polyomavirus are the commonest viruses that infect the renal allograft. Herpes virus nephropathy has also been described. In the past 15 years, adenovirus nephritis has emerged as a potentially life-threatening disease in renal transplant patients in developed countries. Most of the papers(More)
BACKGROUND The confection of a fixed prosthesis finds its indication in response to the patient's aesthetic and/or functional whose requirements are stronger in terms of satisfaction. This involves maintaining the stability of prosthetic reconstructions on a sufficiency long time. To achieve this, the preservation of periodontal health of the prosthetic(More)
Chlorhexidine is an antibacterial agent of the bisguanide family. It's the most effectual molecule of all antiseptics for oral use. Because of its so frequent use, we have elaborated a protocol in order to estimate the resistance of the sub-gingival flora bacteria to its actions. We have determined the minimal inhibitory concentration of the different(More)
The mechanical elimination of the bacteria plaque is the basis of the prevention and the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis. Chemicals products used in the control of supra and subgingival plaque show a great importance because of individual and professional difficulties which constitute an impediment to the effective elimination of the bacteria(More)
The study on the sensitiveness of slow-growing anaerobes bacteria to antibiotics is delicate when you consider the technical motives that make it difficult to transpose the standard methods frequently used in microbiological laboratories. The three main methods used to determine susceptibility to antibiotics are: disk-diffusion test, antibiotics containing(More)