Noël Conruyt

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In many fields dependant upon complex observation, the structuring, depiction and treatment of knowledge can be of great complexity. For example in Systematics, the scientific discipline that investigates bio-diversity, the descriptions of specimens are often highly structured (composite objects, taxonomic attributes), noisy (erroneous or unknown data), and(More)
In this paper, we present two techniques for reasoning from cases: induction, and case-based reasoning. We compare and contrast the two technologies (that are often confused) and show how they complement one-another. We then describe how they can be integrated in a single platform for reasoning from cases: the INRECA system.
Some of the fundamental and theoretical issues in Knowledge Discovery in Database (KDD) rely on knowledge representation and the use of prior and domain knowledge to extract useful information from data. In many data exploration algorithms, dissimilarity functions do not use domain knowledge for the cases comparison. The Iterative Knowledge Base System(More)
Nowadays, huge sheet music collections exist on the Web, allowing people to access public domain scores for free. However, beginners may be lost in finding a score appropriate to their instrument level, and should often rely on themselves to start out on the chosen piece. In this instrumental e-Learning context, we propose a Score Analyzer prototype in(More)
Web applications and mobile tablets are changing the way musicians practice their instrument. Now, they can access instantaneously thousands of musical scores online and play them while watching their tablet, put on their music stand. However musicians may have difficulties in getting appropriate tips and advice to play the chosen piece correctly. This is(More)
The ETIC scientific program aims to enhance insular tropical environment research contents from biologists to general public through information and communication Web technologies. In this frame, online multimedia databases are convenient Web applications that allow communities of practice in Biology for environmental protection to share different types of(More)