Noël A Ross

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Using a procedure similar to the one described by Conger and Killeen (1974), we evaluated levels of attending for 25 college students who participated in either a 20-min (n = 12) or 30-min (n = 13) discussion on juvenile delinquency. Confederates delivered statements of agreement (e.g., "I agree with that point") according to independent variable-interval(More)
Yeast mitochondrial DNA codes for a complete set of tRNAs. Although most components necessary for the biosynthesis of mitochondrial tRNA are coded by nuclear genes, there is one genetic locus on mitochondrial DNA necessary for the synthesis of mitochondrial tRNAs other than the mitochondrial tRNA genes themselves. Characterization of mutants by deletion(More)
We evaluated problem behavior exhibited by 6 individuals with developmental disabilities using the behavioral economic conceptualization of unit price. Descriptive observations were conducted during interactions between the participants and their primary care providers in a clinical laboratory, the participants' homes, or school. Data were recorded on(More)
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